• Why are we doing this?

  • We are running this programme to connect, empower, and accelerate people who want to make real change.


    If you want to gain the skills, tools, and confidence to turn your ideas into reality, while getting expert mentorship and peer-support , this is a great opportunity for you.


    This is about getting out of the building, making things happen, and getting it done!

    Get ready to make a dent in the universe.
    Small moves, smartly made,
    can set big things in motion.



    'Faith is taking the first step even though you don't see the whole staircase'

    - Martin Luther King


    This course runs from the first week of MAY, but we have already started building our learning community. Join us!


    apply now.

  • How are we going to do it?

  • A 12 week social impact programme that includes training, internship, mentoring and on-going startup incubation for successful projects.



    We will be working in teams throughout 12 weeks, developing together the foundations of a social enterprise.

    In the weekly training sessions and team mentoring we will focus on the different skills and tools which are necessary to build a successful and sustainable social enterprise.

    We'll hear from experts, innovators and entrepreneurs who have incredible stories, and apply what we learn as we go.

    Once the training sessions are over we will take a break for a month to prepare for the pitch fest. Here, the winning team will get back the participation fee.


  • Why you'll love it.

    business plan  

    fit for impact projects.


    partners, experts, investors and teammates.


    close to experts.


    from passionate doers.


    for spreading the word.


    and video editing.


    in 12 weeks.


    win a KICK OFF fund.


    We help you build your StartUp Kit, and get a comprehensive insight into the startup world. With all this practical knowledge, your project can afterwards start the pursue of investors or community funding (crowdfunding).

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    Startup KIT.

    To take away.



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    Mickey Kovari.

    Co-founder and CEO of Flashpoint Labs.
    Passionate about systemic and sustainable social change through innovation and enterprise development.
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    Cora Moyano.

    On/Off line facilitator.
    Industrial engineer with a focus on the big picture and a process approach.
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    Laszlo Agoston.

    Co-founder of Kreater.
    Enthusiastic about ideas that can be realised through collaboration.
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    Zsofia Ret.

    Co-founder and innovation coach director of Kreater.
    Sociologist, communication expert and professional trainer with a focus on startup coaching.
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    Ivan Kepecs.

    Co-founder and creative director of Kreater.
    Searching for new channels of innovative marketing and market-friendly social innovations.

    Who can join.
    After we get to know eachother, we will team up.
    It is your choice in which project to work on and
    it is your possibility to choose teammates.  
    Every week we will learn skills and tools to incorporate in the projects.
    We will work together as teams developing a social enterprise throughout 12 weeks and finally pitch at the Fest in June.


    Teams (up to 5).


    Idea owners.



    Reboot your project and team.
    (Re)Launch your enterprise in 12 weeks.

    Training and mentoring from professionals for your project, and the possibility of working with new people for     12 weeks.

    Share an inspiring environment, new ideas and boosting power for your project.

    The training sessions will help you organize and complement your previous knowledge, but also learn more and develop key start up tools (business model, pitching, video editing). It is a huge asset when pitching to potential investors or starting a crowdfunding campaign.

    Are you alone in realizing your idea?
    Meet team mates, learn from experts and make your idea a reality in 12 weeks.

    You have the chance of presenting your impact idea to a passionate and innovative community, find partners, team mates and mentors.

    During 12 weeks you will work with a team on your project, with the possibility of launching it by the end.

    The training sessions will help you expand your knowledge and you will develop key start up tools (business model, pitching, video editing) to be pitch-ready.

    If you are  searching for your way or
    figuring out how to make a difference,
    Join an innovative project and be the Impact.

    During 12 weeks you get to work in a team developing an impact project, with other passionate team mates, getting on site practical knowledge.

    You will develop the project management skills needed for taking your ideas into action, and get an insight on the struggles or problems you may find in the way.

    With the training sessions you will have first hand info from experts and take away important tools useful for whatever project you set your mind into.


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  • FAQs.

    If you are wondering about something else, please let us know.
    We will update this section with your questions.

    Can I join the programme if I’m studying / working?

    Sure, actually most of the previous participants were either working or studying while doing the programme.

    Is there an age restriction?

    No. We look for diversity, in age, gender, background and character. If you are at a crossroads in life and not sure about what's next, this programme is for you.

    What’s the application deadline?

    Our budapest impact programme has been discontinued and now you can join in Debrecen or if in Budapest, join our new Service Design training.

    Why work as teams?

    For individuals it is a great opportunity to learn a lot because of the different stages the project has to go through, thus the variety of work that has to be done.
    Idea owners and teams have the chance to work with new people that bring new ideas and approaches, knowledge, contacts and boosting power for their projects.
    It is a win-win for all.

    How much work is it?

    Developing a startup is not the typical 9-17 job, each team will decide -or the project may decide for you- how to organize the workload and the amount of hours that each member will undertake. It means it is really up to you.

    When are the training sessions?

    Every Monday, typically from 18 to 20hs.
    Sometimes we may meet up earlier for some additional activities (mentoring, practical work), but we check it with you in advance. Some other times we may stay after hours, for mentoring, talking or –sometimes- partying.
    None of this stuff is mandatory, but it is just much better if you are around.
  • Contact us.

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     Join us! 
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    ivan at i-gen dot org

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    Get in touch!